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The entire album sounds like a perfect song that comes on at a perfect time on a perfect day in a year without troubles. It’s the kind of album you can’t get enough of.
[Major and the Monbacks] is a lungful of fresh air in a world where passionless indie rock is increasingly the norm.
— PopMatters
These talented players resurrect the festive spark of horn-lined rock ‘n’ soul with irresistible grooves that cut just as deep as those from which they draw inspiration
— No Depression Blog
The Monbacks’ self-titled debut disc [...] is a rollicking mélange of vintage pop, rock and white boy soul, an organic extension of their sing-along live show
— Coastal Virginia Magazine
The whole package is captivating; irresistibly toe tapping, the party record of the summer.
— VEER Magazine
The Monbacks’ music is a celebration of all things past, present, and future
— Appalachian Jamwich
‘Major and the Monbacks’ seems to give off a vibe, thanks in large part to the horn section, of big band meets classic rock ‘n’ roll
— The Collegiate Times
‘Major and the Monbacks’ is a ride through a refreshingly modern spin on 1960’s psychedelic garage rock, soul and ska all fused together.
— Cavalier Daily
[...]This album is a fantastic debut for a band with a bright future. With a broad range of styles, ensnaring lyrics, a full 8-piece lineup, and nonstop soul, Major and the Monbacks will be sure to keep the groove rollin’.
— Live Music Daily

Don't Say A Word (Single, 2014)

Come on Home (Single, 2013)





Major and the monbacks


Major and the Monbacks style of music has been highly debated since the band’s inception. Fans and critics alike have argued relentlessly in an attempt to classify their sound. From garage rock to blue-eyed soul, from country funk to Beatlesque pop. Truthfully it’s all of the above and even a little bit more. The band simply calls it Rock n’ Roll.

All born and raised in Norfolk, VA, The Monbacks began their journey as a loose collective of high school friends with a common interest in late nights and loud music. Desperate to escape the impending reality of the 9 to 5 workday, the group decided to hit the open road and play for anyone willing to listen. What ensued was a nine month continuous tour of the Eastern United States that spanned 30,000 miles and 150+ shows in their beat-up, old passenger van. No matter how dark the basement or lonely the bar, it was here in the farthest fringes of the music industry that these ragtag renegades would make their stand. What they initially lacked in musical prowess was compensated for by sheer volume and occasional acrobatics. Nevertheless, their mission to spread the musical spirit and sensibilities of days long gone drove them onwards to hone their songwriting and live performances.

Growing weary of scorching summer days and 3 hour sets, ‘the Monbacks’ gradually turned their attention towards recording. With the help of an extremely successful crowd-funding campaign in early 2015, the old comrades threw together their best batch of original material written over the previous years and split for a recording studio in Nashville, TN. What resulted was a critically acclaimed and award winning debut album released in May 2015 that captured the raw energy of their live shows, sealed on analog tape.

Now with yet another tour under their belts, an ever-faithful cult following, and sold-out venues across their home state of Virginia, Major and the Monbacks are readying to release the follow up to their self-titled debut. They have recruited internationally acclaimed producer Matthew E. White of Spacebomb Records to guide them through the rough waters of the recording process. The resulting album will surely prove to be a Major turning point in the Monback timeline. 

Meet the Monbacks

Neal Friedman - Keys, Organ, Guitar, Vocals

Michael Adkins - Organ, Guitar, Vocals

Harry Slater - Keys, Guitar, Vocals

Cole Friedman - Bass Guitar

Tyler West - Percussion, Hype

Bryan Adkins - Drums



What is ultimately clear is that Major and the Monbacks have not only revived, but given a psychedelic face-lift to the soundtrack of the dancehalls of the ‘50s and ‘60s.
— RVA Magazine
Think Chicago meets the Grateful Dead meets The Band.
— The Huffington Post
Huffington Post Musical Discovery
”You come for the big names on the poster, but it’s the smaller names that keep you coming back.”
— Huffington Post
— Pop Matters
Named Live Music Daily’s “Artist to Watch in 2015”
— Live Music Daily
“Major and The Monbacks have it. Their sound is refreshing, inspiring and timeless... [They] are proof that good, roots music still exists in the present day.”
— Live Music Daily
Their passionate, throwback rock ‘n’ soul has clearly been honed for the stage and dance floor, and their combination of pop melodies, organ and horns brings to mind the Southern sounds of early Stax, but also the Northern rock ‘n’ soul of the Buckinghams, Rascals, Grass Roots, Southside Johnny, Tower of Power and Chicago
— Hyperbolium
The entire album sounds like a perfect song that comes on at a perfect time on a perfect day in a year without troubles. It’s the kind of album you can’t get enough of.
— Alt Daily
The whole album is captivating; irresistibly toe tapping, the party record of the summer
The Monbacks’ music is a celebration of all things past, present, and future”
— Appalachian Jamwich
“With sailing harmonies, layered percussion, horns, and a whole ton of soul [...] Major and the Monbacks had the look and feel of an old school dance hall band, but the modern sensibilities to allow them to perform to virtually any audience”
— No Country for New Nashville
“Major and the Monbacks plays uptempo pop with a twist of Southern soul. They play with harmony in their voices and smiles on their faces, and their enthusiasm is contagious.”
— The Daily Press
“As I write this, Major and the Monbacks’ single, “Come on Home” is playing — and boy, is it good. With its Sam and Dave call-and-responses, horn punctuations and “Music from the Big Pink”-era Band Americana, the nine-piece Norfolk group nails what it used to mean to be an American band.”
— Chris Bopst, Style Weekly
Defying genres, these energetic artists combine Motown, Ska, and Southern rock with the self-proclaimed “Eastern Seaboard’s Horniest Horn Section.” Their songs are pure celebration, a tribute to the days when a soulful tune and a willing voice were all that was needed for a good time.”
— Cville Weekly
“Bands like this are crucial to the preservation of music. With a powerful mix of soulful vocals, powerful melodies, and calculated instrumentation it is safe to say Major and the Monbacks are definitely following in the footsteps of St. Paul & the Broken Bones, and I mean that in the best way possible. Support acts like these they are the future of preserving real music.”
— Live Music Daily

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